2016 FICP Education Forum Highlights


Last June, Financial and Insurance Conference Planners  (FICP®) a community of financial services and insurance industry meetings and events professionals, came together for their 2016 Education Forum in Half Moon Bay, California. FICP® has been in operation for nearly 60 years and serves as a platform to bring hospitality and meeting planners together to discuss emerging issues within the planning industry and to provide a space for industry leaders to form new relationships for future business opportunities.

BBC Destination Management was invited as the Hospitality Partner and represented by Senior Account Executive, Genevieve Dumont, DMCP. After the 2-day intensive networking and educational event, we asked Ms. Dumont what her top 3 educational highlights were and how they applied to the DMC industry.

Highlight 1: Developing & preserving relationships with potential business partners- The main objective of a business partnership is to form a true synergy in which one plus one equals more for all of those involved. In the world of DMCs, solid partnerships are not only critical for business in terms of access to new products and new markets but also in terms of securing customer loyalty. The stronger the business partnership, the more stable a company is in the long run, ultimately providing that extra level of reassurance to the client.

Highlight 2: Professional development through educational sessions- In today’s business world not only is the rate of change faster than it’s ever been, but it is also becoming the new normal. Through educational forums, such as FICP’s, planners and hospitality partners can trust the offered educational topics are relevant and up to date so that we can continue to provide nothing less than the gold standard of excellence to our valued clients.

Highlight 3: Developing rapport with fellow hospitality partners- We pride ourselves on our good rapport with other hospitality partners because we share the same vision of high quality customer service and a strong commitment to excellence. Together, our partnerships are built upon a common goal that enables us to share knowledge, develop new ideas, and provide creative yet sustainable solutions to some of our industry’s toughest questions. Without talented and diverse minds in this industry, sustainability can become a critical obstacle for many. At BBC, we believe in nourishing these partnerships and this had been a huge contributor to our success and competitive edge in the hospitality industry.