IN THE COMMUNITY: The Boyd Library

On March 12, 2015, ‪the BBC team‬ had a wonderful time celebrating our fearless leader Bonnie and her husband John for their commitment to the culinary and hospitality culture of New Orleans and beyond! The Southern Food and Beverage Museum‘s fascinating collection of culinary and hospitality literature is officially named The John and Bonnie Boyd Hospitality and Culinary Library.  “As passionate New Orleanians, we want to give back to an industry that has given us and our city so much,” says Bonnie. 

The John and Bonnie Boyd Hospitality and Culinary Library is a repository for culinary, mixology, and hospitality literature from across the globe. The Library’s growing collection is home to over 15,000 volumes including cookbooks, menus, public policy documents, diaries, encyclopedias, and manuscripts. The Boyd Library is also an official branch of the New Orleans Public Library system, returning library access to the Central City neighborhood for the first time since 1946.

Library Dedication Photo Blog

“The culinary world, which holds so many riches for everyone, is too often seen as inaccessible to the everyday person, overlooked as a serious area of study or an art form restricted to the culinary elite. Remember that everybody eats; this is a study that should be available to us all. We thank the Boyds for making this literature accessible to all of us.” – Liz Williams, President and Director of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum