#SalesByBBCNola: Your Top Sales Questions Answered by BBC

Are you considering New Orleans for your next corporate event or incentive program but are feeling uneasy about unchartered territory? Not to worry! At BBC, our sales team understands that prospective clients can have many questions. To tackle some of your FAQs, we asked our team of experts to share their insights with you. Let’s begin!

David Rome, Director of Sales

FAQ No. 1: Why choose New Orleans?   

New Orleans is more than just an eclectic city; it is an award-winning destination that takes great pride in its centuries’ old spirit and unique southern charm. Hospitality is so deeply ingrained in the culture that the city is literally designed to cater to every kind of visitor and locals are more than willing to be of service to newcomers.

The Crescent City has also been a recipient of some of the most distinguished Destination Awards and Honors. Some examples of more recent distinctions include:

From our extensive selection of tours (haunted history, airboat /swamp, Garden District, French Quarter etc.) and festivals (Mardi Gras, French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, COOLinary etc.)  to our city’s melting pot of cultures (Cajun, Creole, French, Italian, Spanish etc.) and our exquisite cuisine, there really isn’t much reason for boredom in this city!

Lyndi Smith, Associate Director of Sales

FAQ No. 2: Why choose BBC?

BBC Destination Management is New Orleans’ premier destination management company offering full-service event, meeting, conference, and incentive travel management.

With 25 years of experience, BBC is a trusted event partner both locally and internationally. Our team is highly versed in all things New Orleans. We combine decades of connections, knowledge, and creative passion to create authentic New Orleans experiences. It is our job to make your vision come to life while minimizing stress so that you can focus your energy on the attendee experience. As experts in event and conceptual design, produce perfect meetings and events in New Orleans because we know the hidden venues of the city  and the best local gems from restaurants to tours.

Jill Lambert, Senior Account Executive

FAQ No. 3: What is the role of a BBC Account Executive? 

BBC Account Executives work as an onsite extension of the client’s team and serve as their trusted partner. They eliminate the stress that comes with securing venues, entertainment, décor, parades, permits, contractual agreements and much more. They are the problem solvers on the ground that not only take on the liability but also oversee the entire design of their client’s program. Their main goal is to ensure that the blueprint of the client’s program is designed to not only meet the client’s every need but also create the ideal environment for the group to successfully reach their goals.

Learn more about our services here: http://www.bbcdmc.com/services/

Megan Hebert, Account Executive

FAQ No.4: What is the Sales to Operations process?

When first contacting BBC, the client will be assigned an account executive to review the client’s program details and prepare the initial proposal.  The account executive will be the main point of contact during the planning phase.  Generally, the account executive involves the operations manager in the initial planning phase to ensure that the program’s blueprint is logistically feasible.

Once the program details are finalized, the account executive will initiate a contract.  Once BBC receives the signed contract back, the account executive will turn over the full program to the Operations Manager.  From that point, the operations manager will be the main point of contact with the account executive as a secondary contact.

The account executive continues to stay informed throughout the planning stages of the program, so should anything arise, the account executive can step in to provide any additional support.  As the operations manager will handle all program logistics and be the on-site contact for the program, she will set up a pre-con with the client prior to the program start.  BBC highly recommends pre-cons as they allow an on-site meeting to walk through each stage of the program and ensure that every detail is met and that the program’s execution is seamless.

Ashley Del Buono, Account Executive

FAQ No. 5: To disclose or not disclose the budget?

We understand that budgets can fluctuate but it helps us help you when we know what the estimated spend is.  Because of our longstanding partnerships with local vendors and suppliers, we are able to negotiate the best possible rates for our clients.  Knowing what is financially realistic enables us to match your vision with your budget.

FAQ No. 6: Can you give me a “WOW” experience?

Absolutely! To give you the best “wow” experience, it is always helpful to know what the available budget is early on, what the client’s vision and mission are for the program and to provide as many details on the incentive group’s demographics as possible. The more details on the group that are presented in the early stages of planning, the better the BBC team can make the client’s vision a reality. Some helpful group details to consider include:

  • Average age/age range
  • Country of residence  ( US-based or international)
  • Primary language (written and spoken)
  • Travel experience (well-traveled or less traveled)
  • Past incentive program experiences (what has been successful in the past pertaining to tours, dinners, etc.)

FAQ No. 7: How is y­our pricing broken down?

Our pricing is inclusive of applicable taxes, gratuities, and our BBC management fee. There are no additional fees at the end.