New South Style #8: Adventures in Wonderland

Our Décor studio is excited to share our conference themed “Escape the Ordinary”  which featured a unique spin on the classic Alice in Wonderland story. This is one of my favorite event themes and I was thrilled to help bring it to life! Here are a few of the amazing ways we transformed a convention center ballroom into Wonderland. Guests began their trip into Wonderland walking through a large tree arch and through a white draped tunnel accented with willow branches, emerging on the other side into the ballroom.


Once inside these wacky, playful signs directed guests to event stations and took a cue from the Mad Hatter suggesting they “turn around”.

Small classroom breakout areas called “Tea Parties” were decorated to match the theme. To make these areas more intimate and create a sound barrier, we used 8’ tall faux boxwood hedges covered in crooked, framed Alice in Wonderland portraits and quotes, as well as silhouettes of card suites, antique chairs, flamingos, and teapots. Each tea party was also highlighted by a custom balloon flower that was over 8’ tall.

Mixed in among sponsor booths and instructional classroom breakouts were several entertainment options to take a break. Besides the hookah lounge phone charging station, there was also a large Cheshire Cat photo op made from a tunnel of balloons and a life size chess game setup on astro-turf for play.

In the center of the room, we created the classic Wonderland tea party with rustic, wood farm tables covered in Mad Hatter style décor and a candy buffet displayed in apothecary jars for guests to enjoy.


The finishing touch was a virtual reality station that offered curated, extraordinary experiences for guests to explore. Each station was closely protected by the Queen’s guard for good measure!

Photo credit – GK Photography

Event design – BBC Destination Management