New South Style #6: Event Feature Hospitality Lounges

Who doesn’t love a fabulous curated hospitality lounge? This exclusive space is not only designed to welcome guests but to also provide them with a glimpse into the fun destination that you have brought them to. A majority of companies we work with are planning incentive trips for their internal winners, so for these, the hospitality lounge is a place to surprise their guests.

A recent client wanted their hospitality lounge to incorporate a surprise element for their guests and what better way to do so than by providing them with a special gift that would change each day of the program. For this one-of-a-kind hospitality lounge, we recreated the space to resemble a posh boutique.

White Tulip Centerpieces photo by Jeanne Taber Tompkins

To do this, we outfitted the space with lounge furniture, accent rugs and custom florals that we placed on the highboys, which were mixed in throughout the room. As each experience and gift changed with the passing days of the program, we repositioned the lounge furniture to accent the new layouts.

On the first day, guests were gifted clothing from Vineyard Vines. To ensure that they got the complete boutique/shopping experience, Vineyard Vines brought in a charming striped changing room tent so that guests could try on the different clothing options before making their final selections. On the second day, a fun interactive photo booth with Nola-themed props was placed inside the hospitality lounge so that guests could take the photographs with them as souvenirs. On the final day, we wanted to offer something special for the ladies that was specific to New Orleans and could not be found in any other city. Naturally, local designer, Mignon Faget, was the perfect fit.

Mignon Faget Jewelry Display photo by Jeanne Taber Tompkins

The client selected handcrafted jewelry that both celebrated the beauty of New Orleans and looked perfect in the boutique setting that we created. For the actual jewelry displays, we used antique whitewashed wood buffets and basic white shelves in the background to display the Mignon Faget retail bags. We also matched the overdyed accent rug to the Mignon Faget signature red logo.

Mignon Faget Hospitality Lounge Photo by Jeanne Taber Tompkins

On that same day, the men’s gift consisted of a choice between a Yeti cooler or a set of tumbler cups.  Of course, we had to dress up their display to match the sportsman theme! To do this, we added in a matching accent rug and built a reclaimed wood wall to display huntsmen décor and living air plants.

Yeti Sportsman’s Wall photo by Jeanne Taber Tompkins


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