BBC: Producing the Next Generation of Millennial DMC/Hospitality Leaders

Over the years, BBC has welcomed its fair share of millennials, whose professional backgrounds are as diverse as the city that they represent and live in, to its team of fierce creatives. BBC recognizes the importance of such diversity and new talent in the sustainability of the DMC/hospitality industry. As part of the company’s commitment to producing the next generation of millennial DMC/hospitality leaders, BBC provides its staff with an engaging environment that not only fosters their creativity but also celebrates it.

Companies are now redefining their cultures as more millennials begin to join the workforce to ensure that they can both attract and retain this new talent. Why does this matter? According to the Pew Research Center‘s population estimates and breakdown by the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of millennials has exceeded every other generational group which means that companies are becoming increasingly more dependent on this new workforce.

While this generation shares many of the same values as the previous ones (such as a steady paycheck and a good quality of life), only 29% of millennials are actually “emotionally engaged” or “love” their jobs according to Gallup’s Millenials Work Live report. If over 70% of millennials are disengaged in their work place, this can directly affect the success of the company.

BBC has long since been ahead of the game, not only with its employee retention and job satisfaction, they have also led with their investment in shaping the next wave of millennial leaders in the DMC/ hospitality industry. “Our talented staff is truly the foundation of the company and it is not only our duty to ensure that they reach their maximum potential but to also provide them with tools, environment and incentive to realize that potential in concert with the goals of BBC, ” said CEO & President, Bonnie B. Boyd, CMP, DMCP. On this point, Creative Services Manager Katherine Bertrand added, “BBC has been the ideal workplace to grow as a leader in our field. Hard work is always acknowledged. New skill development is always encouraged. Creative thinking is always supported.”

Sales Team (from left to right): Associate Director of Sales, Lyndi Smith, CMP, Account Executives,Jill Lambert & Megan Hebert

According to the 2016 Deloitte Survey ‘Winning over the next generation of leaders’, 70 % of millennials cited the lack of leadership development as the primary reason for leaving their current position. At BBC, there is a strong emphasis placed on both engaging and making heroes of its team members through the encouragement of both personal and professional development, mentoring, people and task management opportunities, education and genuine caring. “We have found that young professionals often struggle to establish themselves because of the generational gap and disconnect that sometimes forms between a baby boomer and a millennial,” commented Bonnie. “We tackled this head-on by creating a company culture that fully embraces the open door policy and growth of its employees.”

“Investing in our employees is mutually beneficial because they not only evolve in their roles but also project that same level of professionalism in the programs that they produce.  They have helped us redefine the BBC standard of excellence and continue to set the bar higher with every event,” said Associate Director of Sales, Lyndi Smith, CMP.

As part of the employee package, BBC finances 100% of its employees’ continuing education programs including: certification and accreditation (CMP, DMCP), professional development, conference attendance, memberships of key hospitality organizations (ADMEI, FICP, GDP,ILEA, MPI, SITE) and online courses. “In my three and a half years as an

Jessica Aubin, DMPC

Operations Manager, BBC has always encouraged my professional growth. I was able to complete my DMCP certification, which has added more value to my existing skill set. It is truly satisfying to know that I have a support system that believes in my capabilities and also encourages me to aim higher in my own career,” said Operationa Manager, Jessica Aubin, DMCP.

In a time of rapid digital change, BBC cannot be more excited to have this new stream of millennial talent that consistently brings innovative ideas to the creative table. The company looks forward to more new age creativity as the  exchange of ideas, old and new, continues. To many more years of growth and success in the DMC industry and in New Orleans!