BBC Destination Management President & CEO, Bonnie B. Boyd Joins the CityBusiness’ 2016 Class of ‘Women of the Year’


BBC Destination Management is thrilled to announce that President & CEO Bonnie B. Boyd, CMP, DMCP, was chosen as one of CityBusiness’ 2016 Women of the Year honorees. CityBusiness recognizes 50 outstanding women who have made significant contributions to both local business and society at large.  “I am truly humbled to be part of such a phenomenal group of women who have worked extremely hard to earn their titles in their respective industries”, said Bonnie. “It is critically important that we as women serve as mentors for the future generations. As more women take on new leadership roles, they look to us for guidance. It is our duty to assist them and support them”, she stated.

With over 30 years of experience, Bonnie Boyd is a constant advocate for the DMC industry and a New Orleans ambassador. Her career began in 1980 with a company (before the term Destination Management Company) was referred to as a “Ground Operator” in the French Quarter. In 1982, she began working with the founder of the first DMC in New Orleans, Dietrich Tours and Entertainment. By the late 80’s she was associated with Capricho DMC, an industry leader and the first creatively focused DMC in the city. Throughout these early years, she expanded her involvement in the DMC industry, and even paid her own way to trade shows as far as Canada because she knew it was the best way to promote her services and the city. Her involvement with regional, national and global industry boards deepened her commitment and experience.

On April 1, 1992, she founded Bonnie Boyd and Company, known today as BBC Destination Management. In BBC’s almost 24 years of operation, she has maintained the same hands-on ownership and has played a pivotal role in shaping her dynamic team into the respected industry experts they are today. This is demonstrated in the level of professionalism exemplified by her employees who continue to uphold her signature standard of excellence. Today, Bonnie’s company boasts a passionate team that is equally as active in industry organizations, from regional to international board positions.

Bonnie is known as a leader in the DMC industry, both locally and internationally. Her partners, clients, contractors, vendors, employees, and past employees, not only see Bonnie as an inspiration but as a friend and confidant. Her enthusiastic love for the city is contagious! It is this same passion that makes her a driving force as a female business owner, dedicated mentor and friend, industry leader, community volunteer, New Orleans ambassador, and DMC advocate.