#BigEasyBeauty: Lunchtime in New Orleans

In most parts of the country, taking a 4 hour lunch on a weekday would seem a bit indulgent or simply irresponsible; however in New Orleans it is a time-honored tradition. In New Orleans, sophisticated cuisine and cocktails are not only reserved for night-time dining. Some say this tradition came from the heat, when folks took sanctuary from the midday sun to share a meal before finishing the day’s work during the much cooler twilight hours. Then there is the theory that our tradition stems from New Orleans’ French and Spanish heritage, where large lunches and light suppers are the norm. Others say that we simply like to indulge and enjoy life no matter the time of day. We do wonder why one would reserve decadent meals and celebrations for the evening…

No matter the origins, we love the fact that we can indulge in a fried oyster salad and champagne cocktail at noon on a Thursday! Which is why the BBC sales team recently took some time to enjoy our city and each other with a Friday lunch outing at one of the great New Orleans institutions dedicated to our fancy daytime meals—Brennan’s Restaurant.


Brennan’s Restaurant has been a New Orleans tradition since 1946. The famous restaurant recently emerged from an extensive renovation that spared no effort or expense. The eight glamorous dining rooms are steeped in New Orleans architecture and ambiance. From the Pineapple Room overlooking the courtyard to the ladies’ powder room, every inch of the new Brennan’s design is stunning. And the Bananas Foster is as good as the day it was invented at the restaurant in 1951 – and yes, it is totally acceptable to order table-side dessert flambé for lunch in New Orleans!

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